NDRI expands postgraduate student research

March 2024

NDRI has expanded into new areas of research and strengthened its Justice Health program with new postgraduate scholars beginning their doctorate and masters studies in recent months.

Recently-enrolled PhD scholars based at NDRI’s headquarters in Perth include Robert Shaw, whose thesis title is ‘An exploration of substance use and other contributing factors to Indigenous incarceration and identification of supports needed to reduce (re)offending.’ A lecturer at Curtin University’s Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Robert will be co-supervised by NDRI Program Leaders Professor Paul Dietze and Dr Jocelyn Jones.

Also situated in the NDRI Justice Health team but based in NDRI’s office in Melbourne is Emmanuel Mammoliti, whose research focuses on understanding the impacts of criminal justice involvement on the health and social outcome of people who use drugs. Emmanuel, whose research is part of an Australian Research Council (ARC) scholarship, is also being supervised by Professor Paul Dietze with NDRI’s A/Prof Michael Livingston and Dr Michael Curtis as co-supervisors.

Research Officer Emma Viera is also intending to join NDRI’s postgraduate student ranks shortly, balancing a part-time PhD with a research officer role at the Institute, based in Melbourne.

NDRI has also welcomed Ruth Becker, who hails from Brazil, as a Master of Philosophy (Health Sciences) student. Supervised by Research Fellow Shelley Walker and co-supervised by fellow NDRI researchers Dr Sam Colledge-Frisby and Dr Jodie Grigg, Ruth’s Masters thesis is examining how the housing circumstances of women who inject drugs impact their harm reduction practices and engagement with harm reduction services.

All NDRI PhD and Masters scholars are enrolled through Curtin University. Click here for more information on postgraduate study at NDRI