Understanding the impacts of criminal justice involvement on health and social outcomes of people who use drugs – PhD project

March 2024

Emmanuel Mammoliti, PhD Scholar

Other Collaborators: 

Supervisor: Professor Paul Dietze

Co-supervisor: A/Prof Michael Livingston and Dr Michael Curtis


Project description: 

NDRI PhD Scholar Emmanuel Mammoliti’s PhD will examine the impact of interactions with the criminal justice system on the lives of people who use drugs, using two major cohort studies based in Victoria.

His particular focus will be on how arrest and incarceration affect housing stability and employment outcomes.

Funded by the Australian Research Council, Emmanuel’s study will use cutting-edge causal inference modelling techniques to provide critical new knowledge of the interactions between the criminalisation of people who use drugs and their broader social outcomes.

The two ongoing cohort studies are SuperMIX, which collects data on people with a history of injecting drug use, and VMAX, which collects data on methamphetamine use, primarily smoking.

With the use of longitudinal data, this study will be able to expand on literature that has, up until now, been primarily based on cross-sectional data.