An exploration of substance use and other contributing factors to Indigenous incarceration and identification of supports needed to reduce (re)offending – PhD Project

March 2024

Robert Shaw, PhD Scholar

Other Collaborators: 

Supervisors: Professor Paul Dietze and Dr Jocelyn Jones

Project description: 

The aim of NDRI PhD Scholar Robert Shaw’s project is to investigate the contributing factors to Indigenous incarceration, explore supports needed to help reduce (re)offending, and identify what incarcerated First Nations Peoples themselves see as solutions to (re)offending.

Funded through the NDRI Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholarship program, the project will collect data from a range of groups, including incarcerated First Nations individuals, prison staff, and post-release community services.

The PhD project will determine effective, practical and culturally safe and appropriate solutions to reduce short- and long-term recidivism and allow First Nations Australians to break the cycle of normalisation of incarceration, which in turn will help break down and change stereotypical perspectives about Indigenous Australians.