Feeling deadly, working deadly resources available

June 2024

NCETA has some hardcopies of their 'Feeling Deadly, Working Deadly' Resource Kit (launched in 2014) available that was co-developed to reduce stress and burnout, and enhance wellbeing amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander AOD workers.

Due to the large volume of requests from workers and organisations across Australia, NCETA had a number of these Kits reprinted. If you would like copies please email us at nceta@flinders.edu.au with your postal address and the number of copies you would like us to send your way.

While Feeling Deadly, Working Deadly was designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers, their managers and supervisors, it is also relevant for mainstream AOD workers and managers.

You can find more details about this kit including the contents here - https://nceta.flinders.edu.au/workforce/indigenous-aod-workforce/feeling-deadly-working-deadly-indigenous-worker-wellbeing