An evaluation of the Dandjoo Bidi-Ak Therapeutic Pilot Court

September 2023

Dr Jocelyn Jones

Other investigators: 

Professor Daniel McAullay, Dr Hannah McGlade, Dr Natalie Strobel and Dr Lynn Roarty

Project description: 

NDRI Aboriginal Research Program Leader Dr Jocelyn Jones has received funding from the Western Australian Office of Crime Statistics and Research, through the Criminal Justice Research Grant Fund, to complete an evaluation of the Dandjoo Bidi-Ak Therapeutic Pilot Court.

Not your typical court room, Dandjoo Bidi-Ak, which means “together on a path”, aims to provide a culturally safe and respectful environment to empower and support Aboriginal families who are in care and protection matters.

The evaluation aims to:

  • assess the achievement of the aims and objectives of the Therapeutic Pilot Court at the Perth Children’s Court, Dandjoo Bidi-Ak
  • inform resourcing decisions and refinements to the Protection and Care therapeutic court model
  • assess the cultural safety and impact of court processes on Aboriginal children and families, and
  • contribute to improved outcomes for Aboriginal children and their families who are in contact with the juvenile system.