New resource for the AOD sector – the Organisational Check-Up

March 2021

Want to know how your service or organisation is fairing?  Well, have a look at NCETA’s new tools to help you out in this regard.

Ongoing assessment, reflection, review and evaluation are increasingly expected as part of organisational quality processes, governance and accountability to funders and stakeholders.

NCETA’s new set of resources ‘The Organisational Check-Up. An evidence-based toolkit for assessing workforce development in the AOD sector’ (the Toolkit) offers short, targeted and evidence-based assessment tools for AOD organisations to explore and reflect on key workforce development issues.

The assessment tools in the Toolkit can assist in:

  • Monitoring important workforce issues (e.g. levels of job satisfaction)
  • Assessing an organisational change program (e.g. a strategy to increase access to professional development)
  • Developing further insight into a particular issue (e.g. burnout) and the job factors (e.g. workload) that may be contributing to this issue.

The tools comprise survey items, discussion guides and other instruments that can be used to gain staff feedback and input on key workforce development issues in AOD organisations.

The Toolkit offers a pick-n-mix approach; AOD organisations can create their own particular set of assessment tools to complement and extend existing assessment activities in AOD organisations.

Complementing the Toolkit is the ‘Assessment Tools Database’ (the Database). The Database identifies 12 high quality organisational assessment tools in the public domain. The Database contains:

  • a carefully curated database of existing organisational assessment tools suitable for AOD organisations
  • publicly available (free) tools
  • a selection of brief and comprehensive assessment tools
  • summary guides to each tool with links to the online instruments.

Go to the NCETA website to download the Toolkit and the Assessment Tools Database.

The Toolkit is based on Australia’s Alcohol and Other Drug National Workforce Survey 2019-2020.

The Organisational Check-Up Toolkit and Assessment Tools Database was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.