November 2022
NDARC PhD candidate and research assistant

In every edition of Connections, we ask someone in the alcohol and other drug sector to share a little about their work and life.

September 2022
Director With-In Collective and Founder of Real Drug Talk

The next time I take leave I will

July 2022
PhD candidate, NDRI Justice Health Research Officer

This weekend I will...Be hanging out with my two Airedale Terriers, Hugo and Heidi, getting up to all sorts of mischief!

May 2022
NDARC PhD Candidate/NDRI Research Fellow

This weekend I will… eat some tacos and watch my favourite band play.

February 2022
NDRI Research Fellow

This weekend I will...Go to a friend’s place for a barbecue, join another group of friends for beer tasting, probably go to the be

November 2021
CEO Harm Reduction Victoria

This weekend I will….roast some coffee, play video games, watch movies with my partner and possibly leave Melbourne for the first

September 2021
Needs of Aboriginal Australians Program Leader

This weekend I will...Be sanding my deck and going to Araluen Botanical Park.

July 2021
Senior Lecturer Flinders University – College of Medicine and Public Health

The next time I take leave I will…make sure to spend some time in my garden, with my cats and with my family.

May 2021
CEO Odyssey House

This weekend I will… 

March 2021
Professor and Head of NDRI Melbourne, Director of Burnet’s Behaviours and Health Risks Program

This weekend I will... be driving back to Melbourne from Lake Eildon, which is about 150km or two hours away.