Advising the mining industry on workplace wellness programs

December 2019

Following a request from BHP senior management about NCETA’s research focusing on workplace AOD issues / programs, NCETA’s Professor Ann Roche and Allan Trifonoff met with BHP personnel from Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane to present NCETA’s latest findings and highlight successful approaches to addressing workplace AOD use.

BHP personnel indicated they were reviewing their longstanding policies and practices around AOD use in the workplace and wanted to draw on NCETA’s extensive research and experience. At the meeting, Professor Roche and Mr Trifonoff:

  • Reported on population-based AOD consumption patterns and focused on the reasons why people use AOD
  • Explained NCETA’s cultural model of workplace AOD use including the influence of workplace culture, conditions and norms on employees’ use of AOD
  • Presented data on current and emerging patterns of AOD use in the workplace
  • Highlighted the social costs of workplace AOD use
    • Spoke about the importance of rethinking responses to workplace AOD use
    • Discussed the role of workplace AOD testing.

The information provided by NCETA staff was extremely well received and generated significant interest from the BHP personnel about:

  1. The potential to explore options for an ongoing collaboration between NCETA and BHP
  2. Access to NCETA’s comprehensive suite of workplace research findings and practical resources.