Alcohol and the risk of injury

September 2021
Chikritzhs, T.; Livingston, M. Alcohol and the Risk of Injury. Nutrients 2021, 13, 2777.

Globally, more than 4 million people died from injury in 2019. Alcohol’s contribution to injury-related premature loss of life, disability and ill-health is pervasive, touching individuals, families and societies throughout the world. We conducted a review of research evidence for alcohol’s causal role in injury by focusing on previously published systematic reviews, meta-analyses and, where indicated, key studies. The review summarises evidence for pharmacological and physiological effects that support postulated causal pathways, highlights findings and knowledge gaps relevant to specific forms of injury (i.e., violence, suicide and self-harm, road injury, falls, burns, workplace injuries), and lays out options for evidence-based prevention.