Understanding FASD in schools: Capacity building for educators

August 2020

Professor Steve Allsop

Other investigators: 

Dr Lexine Stapinski, Matilda Centre, University of Sydney (Lead Investigator)
Briana Lees, Matilda Centre, University of Sydney
Professor Elizabeth Elliott, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney
Sue Thomas
Dr Lauren Rice, Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney
Associate Professor Nicola Newton, Matilda Centre, University of Sydney
Dr Smriti Nepal, Matilda Centre, University of Sydney
Professor Maree Teesson, Matilda Centre, University of Sydney
Dr Louise Mewton, Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing, University of New South Wales

Project description: 

This project, led by the Matilda Centre at the University of Sydney, addresses the important gap in educator’s skills and knowledge by providing school leaders, teachers and the broader school community with easy-to-access, evidence-based resources and tools to sensitively and effectively recognise and respond to potential indicators of FASD. Over three phases, the project will:

  1. Review current inter/national FASD resources available within the education sector to educate staff and mentor students with FASD;
  2. Develop and/or modify evidence-based information and training resources to assist the education workforce to:
    • Understand the impact of FASD on classroom behaviour and learning;
    • Identify students with potential FASD indicators and facilitate appropriate referral for diagnosis and support;
    • Improve capacity of teachers and support staff to adopt a strengths-based approach to encourage greater participation and work effectively with children with FASD and their parents/carers;
  3. Promote, disseminate and evaluate the resources nationally to support staff and students with FASD.