Risk communication for people who use illicit drugs: establishing guidance on preferences and behavioural responses to drug alerts

May 2021

Dr Amy Peacock

Dr Rachel Sutherland

Miss Penny Hill

Ms Greta Baillie

Other investigators: 

A/Prof Raimondo Bruno

Dr Monica Barratt

Dr Mary Ellen Harrod

Thomas Capell-Hattam

Prof Harry Sumnall

Dr Robert Page

Mr Jared Brown

Mr Robin Auld

National Centre for Clinical Research on Emerging Drugs

Project description: 

This study seeks to understand the awareness, preferences and responses to communication of drug alerts of people who use illicit drugs. We plan to use the study findings to develop practical guidance for stakeholders communicating drug alerts to people who use illicit drugs in Australia.

The findings of this study will allow us to develop guidance that will meet the needs of people who use drugs and are likely to achieve outcomes intended by health agencies and other stakeholders in communicating these alerts – namely increasing awareness of risk of harms and reducing drug-related harms.

You can read more about this project here.