Providing Ice Training to Victoria Police personnel

June 2018

Professor Ann Roche, NCETA
Allan Trifonoff, NCETA
Roger Nicholas, NCETA

Other Collaborators: 

Liz Toffoletti, Victoria Police
Media and Online Learning Unit, Victoria Police

Project description: 

In 2016/17, as part of its online Ice: Training for Frontline Workers, NCETA developed a customised Topic for Victoria Police: Frontline Ice Awareness Resource. The aim of this Topic is to enhance police responses to crystal methylamphetamine. The Topic is now available to all Victoria Police personnel via the organisation’s online learning hub.

Building on that initiative, NCETA is now supporting Victoria Police to provide face-to-face training for its members via a train-the-trainer approach.

In the first instance, and to ensure that the train-the-trainer program meets Victoria Police’s needs, NCETA staff will undertake a learning needs analysis to determine the:

  • Learning needs of Victoria Police members to enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence in responding to people affected by crystal methamphetamine
  • Best format/s to address those learning needs
  • Resource requirements of the organisation’s Regional Training Officers to enable them to disseminate the training throughout Victoria Police.

NCETA will use the findings of the training needs analysis to:

  • Develop online and hard copy training resources to support the Regional Training Officers
  • Assist Victoria Police’s Media and Online Learning Unit (MOLU) to develop a training video on police responses to people affected by crystal methamphetamine
  • Conduct a series of face-to-face training sessions to Victoria Police’s Regional Training Officers.

The Regional Training Officers will use the information and resources developed by NCETA to train all Victoria Police personnel.