Online treatments for Suicidal Behaviours - Online interventions for people presenting to Emergency Department with self-harm or suicidal behaviours

March 2021

Associate Professor Julia Lappin

Professor Shane Darke

Ms Emma Zahra

Other Collaborators: 

Dr Gabrielle Campbell, University of the Sunshine Coast

Dr Swapnil Sharma, SESLHD

Prof Brian Draper, SESLHD

Dr Fiona Shand, Black Dog Institute

Ms Lesley Brydon, Independent Consultant

A/Prof James Macauley, NEURA

Dr Blake Dear, Macquarie University

Prof Nick Titov, Macquarie University

Prof Olav Nielssen, Macquarie University

Mr Mike Gatsi, SESLHD

Project description: 

Summary:This project will estimate the prevalence of chronic pain in people who attend emergency departments (ED) with suicidal behaviours or self-harm. It will also investigate the feasibility of offering information, in the ED setting about online interventions for the treatment of chronic pain, depression and /or anxiety. Individuals attending ED with self-harm or suicidal behaviours will be offered the opportunity to self-enrol in a freely-available clinician-supported intervention for chronic pain, depression and /or anxiety delivered by the digital mental health service MindSpot.

This study will assess the extent to which offering information about these interventions in ED results in individuals self-referring to the service, and engaging in treatment.

You can read more about this project here.