Mid-term review of the South Australian Alcohol and Other Drug Strategy

June 2019

Professor Ann Roche
Mr Allan Trifonoff
Dr Jane Fischer
Ms Victoria Kostadinov

Project description: 

NCETA has been commissioned by Drug and Alcohol Services SA (DASSA) to conduct a mid-term review of the South Australian AOD Strategy (2017-2021). The ongoing implementation of the Strategy is jointly managed by DASSA and South Australia Police.

The aims of the mid-term review are to:

  1. Review the progress of government agencies in implementing the actions identified in the Strategy
  2. Identify and make recommendations regarding opportunities to enhance the implementation of the objectives and actions of the Strategy.

In undertaking this mid-term review, NCETA has developed a comprehensive methodology comprising:

  1. Key stakeholder consultations with representatives from the SA AOD Strategy Steering Group and identified non-government stakeholders. Stakeholders will be asked to identify areas of progress in the implementation of Actions under each of the four Objectives in the Strategy.
  2. Quantitative data analyses of a range of datasets to identify relevant change since the Strategy’s implementation. Data will be examined at two data points:
    1. Before the Strategy’s implementation (i.e. prior to, or early 2017)
    2. Post-implementation of the Strategy (i.e. 2018 onwards).
    3. An assessment of the implementation of the Strategy’s Actions to date. Findings from the key stakeholder consultations, data analyses and documented evidence will be synthesised to form an assessment of the extent to which progress has been made against the Strategy. The assessment will be cognisant of any new and emerging policy decisions implemented during the Strategy.

NCETA will prepare a written report summarising the findings of the stakeholder consultations, quantitative analyses, assessment of progress in implementing Actions, and recommendations to enhance the further implementation of the Strategy.