E-cigarette Surveillance Project

May 2020

Dr Emily Stockings
Professor Hayden McRobbie
Dr Amy Peacock
Professor Louisa Degenhardt
Professor Michael Farrell

Project description: 

E-cigarette use has increased rapidly worldwide since their introduction to markets in the mid-to-late 2000's, particularly among young people. There remains substantial global debate regarding the safety and efficacy of these devices, and how they should be regulated. In Australia, laws and regulations covering e-cigarettes are complex and vary by jurisdiction. NDARC has been requested by the Commonwealth Department of Health to provide a comprehensive assessment of electronic cigarette (‘e-cigarette’) use, related harms, and trends in Australia and internationally in order to advise e-cigarette regulations.

The ‘E-cigarette Surveillance Project’ will develop and test the feasibility of a ‘surveillance system’ to collate potential data sources that provide information about the use and harms relating to e-cigarettes in Australia, including from surface and dark net online e-cigarette retailers, existing national surveys and other ongoing data collection activities, reviews of the evidence, online news and social media sources, and via liaison with stakeholders and key experts in the field. The project will adopt novel methods to respond to the challenges posed by rapid changes in e-cigarette use and availability and will utilise innovative communication strategies to disseminate these data on a regular and timely basis to key stakeholders.

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