DOH Refresh Qual framework

March 2021

Professor Ann Roche

Dr Jane Fischer

Project description: 

The Ministerial Drug and Alcohol Forum endorsed the National Quality Framework in November 2019. All jurisdictions agreed that by 1 July 2021 service providers would be required to be accredited with one or more of the Framework’s acceptable accreditation standards, with transitional arrangements in place until 28 November 2022. Framework acceptable accreditation standards were identified as part of the 2018 initial accreditation mapping project.

NCETA has been contracted by DOH to prepare a Mapping Report that:

  • identifies accepted accreditation standards that have been updated since August 2018;
  • maps updated accepted accreditation standards against Framework principles
  • identifies the standards used by non-government and private services
  • assesses the extent to which the standards are used by non-government and private services.

The report is due at the end of June 2021.