Determinants of prenatal alcohol exposure among Aboriginal women in the Pilbara: Developing a statistically validated model of prenatal alcohol consumption for evidence based intervention development (PhD project)

June 2018


David Tucker (PhD Student)
Dr Nyanda McBride (Supervisor)

Other investigators: 

Dr Martyn Symons (Associate Supervisor), Telethon Kids Institute, UWA
Associate Professor Roz Walker (Associate Supervisor), Telethon Kids Institute, UWA

Project description: 

This research aims to understand what drives decisions to consume alcohol during pregnancy among Aboriginal women. It is proposed that a statistically validated model of behaviour is developed to address the primary question: What are the key social determinants and precursors to alcohol use during pregnancy in Aboriginal communities in the Pilbara?

The research objectives include:

  • What are the key differences and similarities in the social determinates of drinking during pregnancy between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups;
  • What are the protective factors in Aboriginal women who do not drink during pregnancy?; and,
  • How can behavioural determinants contribute to and influence effective intervention design and evaluation?

This research is being conducted as a component of a larger National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funded project run by the Telethon Kids Institute’s Alcohol and Pregnancy and FASD research group.