Vale Professor Jan Copeland

June 2024

Mourning the loss of an esteemed colleague, Professor Jan Copeland

It is with great sadness that we note the untimely passing of Professor Jan Copeland. Jan played a critical role in the success of NDARC over many years. She came to the Centre in 1989 and completed her PhD on self-managed change. Jan had a passion for the field and, for many years, was at the forefront of NDARC’s efforts to provide state-of-the-art information and training to the sector. She went on to become a world leading expert on cannabis dependence and was instrumental in the establishment of the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre within NDARC, of which she was the Director. Jan also held a senior Editorial role at the highly esteemed journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence. Over the course of her career, Jan has made an enormous contribution to NDARC and the international drug and alcohol field. She will be sorely missed.

Our deepest sympathies go to her friends and family.   

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