NHMRC success- Associate Professor Gary Chung Kai Chan awarded second consecutive NHMRC Investigator Fellowship for AI-powered vaping prevention

June 2024

Gary Chan was awarded a follow-up NHMRC Investigator Fellowship (Emerging Leadership II) for his study “Unleashing the power of AI: Supercharging social media campaigns against youth vaping”. This study will “harness generative artificial intelligence for vaping prevention, revolutionising the development and implementation of large-scale tailored public health campaigns effectively aimed at the multicultural Australian youth population”. Gary was one of two recipients of this highly competitive award mentioned by name in the NHMRC press release. Gary promoted the project to potential youth participants live on 4BC 882 News Talk radio. Find out more in the UQ News item here.

Young people ages 16-25 across Australia are invited to participate, here’s the form.