NCYSUR Research Symposium

March 2024

NCYSUR held its annual Research Symposium on 1 March 2024 in Brisbane; see the playlist and access the presentations here. More than 650 people registered for this hybrid event; more than 70 attended in person and an early career researcher networking event was held after the symposium.

NCYSUR speakers from early to senior career stages showcased and discussed their research in alcohol and other drug treatment, harm reduction, policy and prevention funded under the Australian Government’s Drug and Alcohol Program, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Medical Research Future Fund, and other sources.

The program featured international keynotes Professor Keith Humphreys Stanford University USA (in person) on synthetic opioids, and Professor David Hammond, University of Waterloo, Canada on the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project on Youth smoking, vaping and cannabis use (online). The symposium attracted a wide range of participants including policy makers, health and alcohol and other drug treatment services, and local government representatives.

Program and links where available


Director's welcome - Prof. Jason Connor

Keynote 1 - Prof. David Hammond  [virtual] International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project - Youth smoking, vaping and cannabis use

Rapid fire presentations 1 - Vaping and Stimulants

Ms. Sophia Glasgow - Vaping among Australian university students

Ms. Amra Catakovic - School-based eHealth intervention to prevent e-cigarette use

Mr. Ben Johnson - Depictions of prescription stimulants on TikTok

Ms. Grechel Taucare - Impact of methamphetamine seizures on consumption trends

Research update - Joel Keygan and Bec Hyland - The Tina Trial - Mirtazapine as a pharmacotherapy for methamphetamine use disorder

Keynote 2 - Dr. Jill Halladay - Co-occurring substance use and emotional problems amongst adolescents

Keynote 3 - A/Prof. Valentina Lorenzetti Cannabis and cognition in youth

Keynote 4 - E/Prof. Wayne Hall Social and public health impacts of cannabis legalisation

Rapid fire presentations 2 - Cannabis and Alcohol

Dr. Carmen Lim - Changes in route of administrating cannabis over time

Dr. Tesfa Yimer - The longitudinal relationship between cannabis and tobacco use

Ms. Danielle Dawson - Adverse health outcomes of medicinal cannabis

Mr. Habte Gobie - Alcohol use and alcohol use disorders in Sub-Saharan Africa

Keynote 5 - Prof. Keith Humphreys - Synthetic opioids

Keynote 6 - Ms. Tianze Sun and Ms. Giang Vu - Vaping in the Australian and global setting

Rapid fire presentations 3 - Alcohol and Behavioural addictions

Ms. Brienna Rutherford - Alcohol-related advertisements on social media platforms

Mr. Brandon Cheng - Youth social media and alcohol use

Dr. Nina Pocuca - Suicide ideation among young people enrolled in Alcohol and Other Drug treatment

Dr. Gabrielle Campbell - Gambling behaviours in young people presenting to Alcohol and Other Drug treatment

Ms. Tara Alcorn - Mental health, substance use, and DSM-5 symptoms of internet gaming disorder in young people

Keynote 7 - Prof. John Saunders Translating research into policy: a case study of gambling

Research update - A/Prof Gary Chan - International Gaming Study 2024

16.55-17.00: Closing - Prof. Leanne Hides, NCYSUR Deputy Director