NCETA launches new webinar series

October 2020

The NCETA webinar series was kicked off on the 14th October with Dr Natalie Skinner presenting key findings from the recent AOD National Workforce Survey.

Dr Skinner was joined by over 100 participants as she provided insights into a range of contemporary workforce development issues for the AOD sector, including:

  • Workforce diversity
  • Professional development and clinical supervision
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Working conditions
  • Worker wellbeing.

The webinar concluded with a 30min question and answer session.

For a video of the webinar visit the NCETA website.

The report from the National Workforce Survey is available in hard copy and for e-download. It provides details of on Australia’s AOD workforce, for the first time in over 10 years.

Visit the NCETA website to download:

  • The National Reportsummarising major trends and insights
  • A series of Infographics highlighting key data on the workforce profile, employment conditions and worker wellbeing


Visit the NCETA website and follow us on Twitter @ncetaflinders for information on our upcoming webinars.