May 2018
Research Fellow and Program Leader, Justice Health, NDRI

This weekend I will... be heading down to the Revealed WA Aboriginal art market.

March 2018
CEO, Northern Territory Primary Healthcare Network

Tell us a bit about your background and where you worked before you became CEO of the NT PHN?  

December 2017
Aus Postdoc R/Fellow (NH&MRC) at NDARC

This weekend I with the kids and set-up their new inflatable water slide.

October 2017
Associate Professor, National Drug Research Institute

My big hope for the drug and alcohol sector is... that one day we’ll be able to say to people “these are the treatment options that we can offer, and this is what benefit they will deliver”, not unlike what you would expect if you went for cardiac surgery or a knee replacement.

August 2017
Executive Director at SANDAS

This weekend I will… mow the lawn, help my son clean the rabbit hutch, and go for a long walk.

June 2017
Conjoint Professor at NDARC

This weekend I will...try to sell the large Queenslander that my family have lived in for 16 years so that my wife and I can downs

May 2017
Early Career Research Fellow at NDRI

I'm most scared of... nothing really. Being afraid is so limiting, for life is full of opportunities!

March 2017
Clinical Associate Professor in the Discipline of Pharmacology at Adelaide University

This weekend I will... be preparing for a meeting of the Australian National Advisory Council on Drugs to be held in Canberra next

December 2016
Project coordinator on the Maldahnalanga project at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre

This weekend I will run a movie night as well as indoor soccer night for my community as part of the Maldahnalanga project.

October 2016
Adjunct Associate Professor at NDRI and Director at 360Edge

I'm most scared of... karaoke. Public speaking is not a problem but there is no way I’m singing in front of anyone...