September 2021
Needs of Aboriginal Australians Program Leader

This weekend I will...Be sanding my deck and going to Araluen Botanical Park.

July 2021
Senior Lecturer Flinders University – College of Medicine and Public Health

The next time I take leave I will…make sure to spend some time in my garden, with my cats and with my family.

May 2021
CEO Odyssey House

This weekend I will… 

March 2021
Professor and Head of NDRI Melbourne, Director of Burnet’s Behaviours and Health Risks Program

This weekend I will... be driving back to Melbourne from Lake Eildon, which is about 150km or two hours away.

October 2020
Chief Executive Officer - Australian Alcohol and other Drugs Council

This weekend I will… enjoy some time in the garden, hug the dog (often), mutually tolerate the cat, read incess

May 2020
National Project Coordinator, Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League (AIVL)

In this special 'conversation with', Jude Byrne gives her perspective on how COVID-19 is affecting people who use drugs.

February 2020
Director, Siggins Miller Consultants

This weekend I will be in Delhi presenting a paper on health system reform.

December 2019
Visiting Research Fellow, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC)

Each issue we ask someone from the alcohol and other drugs sector to share a little about their work and life.

October 2019
Founder and CEO, Hello Sunday Morning

This weekend I will... Spend as much time at the beach as I possibly can.

August 2019
Matthew Flinders Fellow, Centre for Crime Policy and Research, Flinders University

This weekend I will explore my new city of Adelaide: in addition to house hunting, I’ll head to the farmers market, go for a run a