New NCETA Methamphetamine Resources

June 2015

To coincide with the National Methamphetamine Symposium, NCETA developed a series of information sheets that provide an overview of current patterns and trends in methamphetamine use and associated harms in Australia, with a particular focus on ice.

Methamphetamine use in Australia explains what methampetamine is, the proportion of the Australian population who use methamphetamine, how frequently people use methamphetamine, how people use methamphetamine, and the harms which may be associated with its use.

‘Ice’ and the workplace is a resource aimed at informing workplaces about who uses methamphetamine, how using methamphetamines may impact the workplace, how to recognise the signs of methamphetamine use in employee’s, and the workplace strategies and responses which may be employed to reduce the risks and harms associayed with methamphetamine use.

Another resource, Methamphetamine: Effects and Responses, will be available in late May.

Email NCETA or phone 08 8201 7535 to order hard copies of these resources, or download from the NCETA website.