December 2015
Australians are now living longer, and increasing numbers of people are affected by chronic disease.
October 2015
Interest in the workplace as a setting to address a range of health issues continues to grow both internationally and within Australia.
August 2015
The Suicide Assessment Kit (SAK) was developed by NDARC to help alcohol and other drug treatment agencies manage and reduce their client's risk o
June 2015
One approach to increasing the reach of AOD services and providing both anonymous and ready access, has been the development of online interventions.
April 2015
Australia’s population is ageing and is doing so at a faster rate than ever before.
February 2015
University student guilds and health services are receiving anecdotal reports of increased use of so-called 'study drugs' by students.
February 2015
The population rate of methamphetamine use has remained relatively static over the last 10 years.
November 2014
Australia ranks first in terms of the number of alcohol policies it has and its enforcement of those policies, yet alcohol consumption exceeds that of
September 2014
Young people with multiple and complex needs do not represent a large proportion of people with significant drug and alcohol or mental health problems