2022 NCCRED Symposium

November 2022

The 2022 NCCRED Symposium took place on 7 November, with participants convening both in-person in Canberra and online.   

This year’s symposium focused on new clinical research findings that have the potential to transform healthcare responses to methamphetamine and emerging drugs. It showcased emerging research, including presentations from recipients of NCCRED’s Round 4 Seed Funding GrantsNCCRED Clinical Research Scholars and the current work of the Centre.

It featured presentations on research into new approaches to pharmacotherapy for methamphetamine use disorder, including lisdexamphetamine, cannabidiol, oxytocin and psilocybin-assisted therapy as well as new intervention research for methamphetamine use disorder, including contingency management, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and innovations in AOD programmes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Other topics covered by presentations included harm reduction in relation to emerging drugs, including co-designing a drug-checking service, experiences of using GHB and NCCRED’s Prompt Response Network programme.

Slides from the 2022 NCCRED Symposium will be available on the NCCRED website.