Your Worklife! website 'information session'

March 2021

Have you ever wanted a central repository of AOD material that related specifically to AOD issues in the workplace???  Well, now you have one.

The culmination of several years work, the NCETA team along with DASSA and the SA Government are about to launch a new Your WorkLife! website designed specifically to help workplaces respond to alcohol and drug issues and to develop alcohol and drug policies.

The site covers a range of topics from general information on alcohol and other drugs, to dealing with AOD and mental health, AOD and Covid-19 and workplace responsibility and policy development. All rigorously underpinned with cited evidence and data.

Your WorkLife! offers user-friendly and practical strategies to:

  • Promote workplace safety
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Comply with duty of care and legal obligations
  • Improve worker morale and wellbeing.

Your WorkLife! has a collection of downloadable Fact Sheets, How-to-Guides, Toolbox Talks, Posters, Videos and Handouts, along with 9 Online Learning Topics. These resources explain how alcohol and drugs impact health, safety, wellbeing and productivity and offer strategies employees, employers and colleagues can implement to support one another and promote workplace safety.

The website also contains a vast collection of external resources, videos and support contacts/websites collated by topic for users to access and utilise.  Much of the content on the site is also of generic interest – and suitable for a wide range of users not just those with a specific interest in the workplace.

The Your WorkLife! site can be viewed here

An official information and dissemination session will be held in mid-April.