What does former NDRI head have in common with a Hemsworth?

July 2021

Several decades of service to public health have been recognised with Curtin University Emeritus Professor Colin Binns appointed to the prestigious Order of Australia.

Among a multitude of achievements over a long and distinguished career in public health, Professor Binns was the inaugural head of Curtin’s National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) in the mid-1980s. His recognition in the 2021 Queen’s Birthday Honour’s List is for distinguished service to medical research, tertiary education, public health policy and human nutrition (actor Chris Hemsworth was also included in the list, but not for services to public health).

“I have always sought to promote the best of science in relation to nutrition, health and other aspects of public health and am truly humbled by this honour,” Professor Binns said.

“I believe because medical practitioners and researchers are seeking to help people, we must always show compassion, especially to those less fortunate members of our society, in Australia and around our region.”

Professor Binns’ immediate successor, Emeritus Professor David Hawks, who was NDRI Director from 1987 to 1995, was also awarded an Order of Australia in 1997, for service to community health in the fields of psychology and the prevention of alcohol and other drug related problems.