Translating workplace AOD research findings into practice

December 2019

Based on its extensive and ongoing workplace AOD research program, NCETA was invited by SA Health and Business SA to conduct a brief workshop in Adelaide for approximately 50 health and safety practitioners and human resources personnel. The participants were all members of the SA Workplaces Community of Practice.

The workshop conducted by Professor Ann Roche focused on the translation and implementation of AOD-related workplace research findings and resources into daily practice. In her presentation, Professor Roche, provided participants with:

  • Findings from NCETA’s recent secondary data analyses which highlighted changing patterns of alcohol use and declines in youth alcohol consumption – whilst posing the question: Is this trend accompanied by increases in illicit drug and/or is there a displacement effect?
  • Information about increasing rates of cannabis use among older Australians
  • Data about changing patterns of methamphetamine use including the latest findings from the Wastewater Drug Testing Program
  • Data on the patterns of workplace AOD use by:
    • Substance type (including a breakdown by alcohol, illicit and pharmaceutical drugs)
    • Industry type and age
  • Information about the predictors of workplace AOD use.

Participants were also provided with examples of effective and evidence-based responses to address workplace AOD-related issues and harms including strategies for implementing those responses and creating healthy workplaces.