NCETA staff brief SA Police Minister

December 2019

On 3rd December 2019, NCETA staff, Roger Nicholas and Allan Trifonoff provided a briefing to The Honourable Corey Wingard MP, South Australian Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services and Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing. A similar briefing had previously been provided by NCETA to the SA Police Senior Leadership Executive Group.

The briefing focused on the levels of methamphetamine use and harms in South Australia. Also present at the briefing were Commissioner Grant Stevens and other senior police officers.

The information and advice provided to the SA Police Minister followed research conducted by NCETA and commissioned by South Australia Police.

NCETA’s research drew together the available data regarding methamphetamine use in South Australia and also involved consultations with key stakeholders  from South Australia Police, Australian Border Force, Australian Federal Police, Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, Drug and Alcohol Services SA and the universities involved in the National Wastewater Drug Testing Program.

A key focus of NCETA’s briefing was the researchers’ interpretation of the findings from the Wastewater Drug Testing Program and implications for policing.

The briefing highlighted the importance of a balanced and integrated approach to reducing the harm associated with methamphetamine use in the state, involving supply, demand and harm reduction strategies.

The Minister and SAPOL expressed their gratitude to NCETA for undertaking the high quality research and indicated that SAPOL will use the findings to inform their ongoing drug enforcement strategies, policies and procedures.