Influencing work/life balance issues as part of International Women’s Day

February 2020

NCETA’s Dr Natalie Skinner has been invited by the organisers of a South Australian Public Service Association International Women’s Day (IWD) event to speak about the negative impact of alcohol and other drug use on work/life balance. The IWD event is being held on Friday 6 March in Adelaide.
Drawing on her extensive research findings, Dr Skinner will provide attendees with an overview of:

• The structural, systemic and cultural issues within organisations that impact on women's capacity to achieve a good work/life balance

• Research findings linking poor work/life balance outcomes with risky alcohol use

• The health and wellbeing implications resulting from poor work/life balance.
Participants will also be provided with examples of potential strategies that individuals and organisations can use to improve work/life balance and will be encouraged to share their own experiences with other people at the event.